Sunday 8th August, Calpe, Spain.

Sitting in the shade by the pool, it's nine o'clock in the morning and already hot. Thank God I'm not concreting, eh? Yesterday morning Jon and Anabelle and I started the day with a cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs and mushrooms in their front garden. Then they took me for a drive through some of the mountain villages inland of Calpe. As I said, Jon and Anabelle have lived in this part of Spain since it was all terraced hills, almond farms and olive groves- before it made it onto the map as a popular tourist destination. They are obviously disappointed with the massive amount of development in the area, and after walking around Calpe itself yesterday evening, I can see why they pretty much keep to themselves during the summer months. Calpe was packed with tourists, the beach was so overcrowded that I didn't veen feel tempted to go for a swim... and remember it's been thirteen months since I'be been for a swim in the sea.