Wednesday 27th August. Berkeley, California, USA
'The Painted Ladies' the most photographed homes in San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco has been a welcome respite. I guess it's been more trying than I realized, hitching from place to place, meeting a new host every night and packing my backpack every morning. Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. It's been an incredible experience. Maybe I just needed more sleep. Trouble is that when I only have one day with a host, I want to spend as much time with them as possible. So it's not until after they go to bed that I crack open the laptop and start 'working'. *hee hee fancy calling this work* That often leaves me four or five hours for sleep, before the next adventure begins in the morning...another city and another host. I suppose that over an extended period, five hours sleep just isn't enough.

Anyway, enough of my bleating. Let's see a few pics from San Francisco!

Famous San Francisco street cars

Me in Chinatown Haight Street

Even though I'd only spent a couple of days in San Francisco eleven years ago, it felt strangely familiar. I spent most of yesterday just wandering the streets of Chinatown and the surrounding area. My host Ted lives in Berkeley, just out of San Francisco, but works in town. In fact he works in a costume store on Haight Street, one of the most famous streets in San Francisco. Haight-Ashbury has long been known as the hippy part of town, but I quickly got the impression that the hippies have moved out as the area attracted more and more street bums and panhandlers. I met Ted at his work and when he finished at seven o'clock, we headed out for dinner to a great little Mexican joint. Ted said there was a show on later in the night that I might find interesting. It was called Trannyshack. There's a chain of electronic stores here called Radio Shack, so I guessed Trannyshack was something along the same line. I did wonder why Ted thought that would be interesting for me, but hey..he's the host.

I couldn't have been more wrong! Trannyshack was nothing to do with electronics. It was in fact a live show in a nightclub. The club was called Stud and it was a bit different to any place I'd been before. It seemed to be some kind of specialty club, catering to men in tight shirts and women with big hands. I mean some of these girls were huge, and had deep voices and hands that could crush coconuts! It was a bit intimidating, I must admit. I made a couple of friends, though. One girl even asked if I'd like to put my shrimp on her barbie, but I wasn't hungry after all that Mexican food earlier on.

I think these girls fancied me!

It turns out Ted has something of a show business background himself, having played the role of the Mad Scientist in the Rocky Horror Show for twenty years! I think he enjoyed the opportunity to dress up as Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves and the pimp.

If you want to see more of my San Francisco adventures from eleven years ago, go to the 'about me' page, and click on the photo of me yachting with friends. That's the first photo in the third row.

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