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On Boxing Day 2004, my Spanish lover and I are leaving Madrid, bellies full of Christmas gluttony, heads thick from her parents forcing me to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Our first stop is Berlin. I know that's not in Russia; it's in Germany. From Berlin, we plan to travel by train (or hitchhiking, but don't tell Maria yet!) to Prague and to a couple of other cities around the Czech Republic, then through Poland (Krakow, Lublin, Warsaw), and Latvia and Lithuania to Russia.

Normally I don't travel with a fixed itinerary, but since Maria 'only' has four weeks holidays- and since we're staying with local people all the way!- I've had to construct a fairly fixed travel schedule. Let's see if we're able to stick to the plans below:

December 26th- Berlin, Germany
December 27th- Berlin, Germany
December 28th- Berlin (Maria's birthday!)
December 29th- Prague, Czech Republic
December 30th- Prague, Czech Republic
December 31st- Prague (New Years Eve!)
January 1st- Brno, Czech Republic
January 2nd- Olomouc, Czech Republic
January 3rd- Warsaw, Poland
January 4th- Krakow, Poland
January 5th- Krakow, Poland
January 6th- Warsaw, Poland
January 7th- Warsaw, Poland
January 8th- Vilnius, Lithuania
January 9th- Vilnius, Lithuania
January 10th- Riga, Latvia
January 11th- Cesis, Latvia
January 12th- overnight train
January 13th- St Petersburg
January 14th- St Petersburg
January 15th- St Petersburg
January 16th- St Petersburg
January 17th- Moscow
January 18th- Moscow
January 19th- Moscow
January 20th- Moscow
January 21st- Maria to Berlin for a night, and back to Madrid on the 23rd. Steve to continue east to Tyumen, Omsk, Novisibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Ulan Ude (perhaps two nights in each place?) leaving Russia by February 10th for Mongloia and China

Over the coming weeks, I will be building this page with information and links that relate to our assault on the frozen north. Y'all come back now, ya hear comrade?

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My friend's website

The academy of free travel

Hitchhiking in Russia and Ukraine

Prague Castle.

Keeping warm in the streets of Prague.

Streetsigns, Prague.

Prague skyline.

Prague skyline.

World Nomads is even watching over me in Prague.

The macabre Jewish cemetery, where bodies are buried up to twelve deep.

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