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1741041929 Want to bite the Big Apple? Strike it rich in Las Vegas? Get your kicks on Route 66? Let this jam-packed guide escort you through the land of plenty. From Disney World to Death Valley, the White House to Waikiki, Lonely Planet covers all four corners of all 50 states. 1864503319 Experience the Golden State like a native! Wander the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, climb Yosemite’s Half Dome or jump aboard a San Francisco cable car. Whether you’re hiking in Death Valley, biking in San Diego or just chilling on the beach at Malibu, this information-packed guide will take you on an unforgettable California adventure. Includes excursions to Las Vegas. 174059021X The glitz and schmaltz of Hollywood; Malibu's golden beaches and surf scene; Venice Beach; West Hollywood's rock and roll nightlife, trendy Melrose Avenue; Disneyland--information on all of these fabulous destinations can be found in this 'insider' guide that's packed with advice on getting around, shopping, dining, and more. 1864502185 Lonely Planet San Diego & Tijuana 1864503092 Sip espresso in Kerouac's hangouts and bump noses with buffalo in Golden Gate Park. This guide, laced with tales of hippies and shanghaiers, Beats and immigrants, takes you through the hidden pockets of San Francisco, laying its charms at your feet. 1740591690 Leave the ordinary behind – you are Vegas bound! Get to know this neon oasis like an insider, exploring opulent casinos or sightseeing with the family. Find the best lodging and dining options and still have cash to play with. From spectacular floor shows to hikes in the desert, this guide covers it all.

1864503777 Cloaked in vast wilderness, the Pacific Northwest is sure to inspire any outdoor enthusiast. Prefer indoors? We’ve got you covered. From Mt Rainier trails and Orcas Island whales to Vancouver plays and Seattle cafes, this guide leads you to the very best of the Northwest. 1864503041 Whether you want to take in the opera or tattoo your tush, this detailed guide uncovers Seattle's best. From market-stall rummage fests to live-music gigs, no neighborhood secret goes untold – least of all where to find the most stimulating caffeine fix in town. 1740594584 Where else can you dig into a gourmet tamale, dodge sharpshooters at the OK Corral and run rapids through a mile deep canyon? Follow this guide to the best of the Grand Canyon State, from the fiery red rock of Monument Valley to city lights in the Valley of the Sun. 1864503270 Whether you climb awesome 14ers, hike Yellowstone or kayak the Rio Grande, the Rockies will take your breath away. This guide explores every corner of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana & Idaho in every season. 1864503769 Want to explore the Grand Canyon? Ski Olympic-caliber slopes? Watch red rock turn fiery at sundown? Our expert authors show you where to find these thrills and more in the Southwest. From Albuquerque to Zion, this guide points you toward the region’s urban centers and natural wonders alike. 1864503750 Hankering for down-home barbeque or authentic Tex-Mex cuisine? Looking for some real live cowboys? Vast and varied, Texas offers up a dazzling array of tastes and traditions. From Austin's club scene to the beauty of Big Bend, from urban sprawls to wide-open spaces, this comprehensive guide steers you through the best of the Lone Star state.

1740591364 From the theme parks to the Everglades, this guide cover the entire state of Florida, while offering special encouragement for travelers to get off the beaten track. 1740591836 Kick off your shoes and slather on the tanning oil - this is Miami, baby! And Lonely Planet knows what you want. Mellow out on the perfect beach or cruise down to the Keys. Sample the flavors of Little Havana and sweat off the calories in SoBe's hottest nightclubs. This guide has it all! 1740591429 From Molokai's tent cabins to Waikiki's high-rise hotels, this guide covers every Hawaiian Island, large or small. You'll discover the best spots to swim, surf, snorkel and hike, and when you're ready to kick back, you'll know where to find the best luau and hula show. 1740593456 Whether you’re looking to hike stunning Mauna Loa or laze on a perfect black-sand beach, our guide will show you how to live it up – or slow it down – on Hawaii’s Big Island. 1740592018 Another day in paradise – indulge your tastebuds with exotic Pacific Rim cuisine, lose yourself in Honolulu’s bustling markets, learn to surf with a world pro, climb Diamond Head and watch the sun set over Waikiki, then live it up at a beachside luau. This is your guide to the best of Oahu. 1740592719 Want to ride some of the world's best breaks? Dive a submerged volcano? Hike through the Upcountry, picking guavas from the tree? This guidebook uncovers all of Maui, including its many beautiful beaches, its creative cuisine and it's aloha at every turn.

1864502169 Filled to the rim with practical and opinionated advice, Lonely Planet’s new 'Louisiana & the Deep South' delivers up to date information on hotels and restaurants, a handy glossary of Southern slang and expressions, and candid advice covering Southern cuisine. 1740591933 Discover the Big Easy, where mystery, masquerade and mint juleps enchant all who enter her quarters. This Nawlins guide brings you the sweetest of the sultry, spicy, music-drenched soul of the Southern belle. Laissez les bons temps rouler! 1864503831 Get away to the heart of the New South and find remnants of the Old South. Be charmed by the modern belles of Atlanta and Charlotte. Trade tall tales on the porches of Savannah and Charleston. Raft the 'Hooch'in Northern Georgia or slip into solitude in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Carolinas' barrier islands. 0864427697 Lonely Planet Virginia & the Capital Region 1864502444 Lonely Planet’s new 'Washington, DC' will guide you through the city of cherry blossoms and provide the details necessary for an unforgettable stay in the nation’s capital. Although the politicians can’t always be trusted, with this guidebook in hand, you’ll get everywhere on and around the Hill with ease!

1740590252 This guide takes you to New England's historic places and its hippest spaces. Whether you’re searching for the region’s best brewpub, the tastiest clam chowder or the quintessential quaint lighthouse, our opinionated authors – all New Englanders – provide everything you need for an adventure-filled visit. 1740591062 Discover Boston with local author Kim Grant. From following the Freedom Trail to catching a ballgame at Fenway Park to hanging out at Harvard, this guide delivers all you need for enjoying Beantown's best. 1864501383 Lonely Planet’s 'New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania' is the quintessential guide to an exciting and fascinating region, whether you want to trek the Adirondacks, take a chance in the gambling halls of Atlantic City or experience the simple life of the Amish. 1864501804 Features; provides far-reaching coverage of the sights, hotels and restaurants; practical information for the business and leisure travellers; fascinating and entertaining background on history and culture; comprehensive coverage of Manhattan, with its excellent museums, architecture and nightlife, as well as information on the outer boroughs; insight into New York's multi-cultural mosaic, ethnic food and gay and lesbian lifestyles. 1864501391 Lonely Planet Great Lakes: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Ontario Shores 1741040329 Sink your teeth into stuffed pizza, snag a fly ball at Wrigley Field, or belt out the blues – experience the real Chicago with our jam-packed guide. Expert author Ryan Ver Berkmoes steers you toward all the Windy City has to offer, from lazing on the lakefront beaches to tracing the trail of Al Capone's bullets to enjoying innovative theater and cuisine.

1740590910 Lonely Planet is at its guidebook best when it's covering isolated regions where those little details of shelter, food, and transportation are of more than passing concern. The sections on climate, geography, and ecology are very well done, as are the chapters on the Alaskan people and society. The transportation chapters are vital and comprehensive, and the rest of the guide follows suit, covering all of Alaska- no little task- with reliable acumen, information, and savvy 0864426003 This guide to the best hikes in the Lower 48 states is a must for the experienced hiker and the first-timer alike. From coast to coast, across plains and mountain ranges, through unspoiled forests and canyons, this book leads the way. 1864500387 From the rain forests and glaciers of Southeast Alaska to the rugged mountains and tundra of the state's vast interior, this practical guide by Alaska specialist Jim DuFresne makes Alaska's pristine wilderness accessible to the novice and experienced hiker alike. 1740594266 Explore smoking craters and lava landscapes, wander through lush rainforests and wildlife sanctuaries, scale dizzying peaks and spectacular sea cliffs - Lonely Planet gives you the best hiking on the Hawaiian Islands.

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