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0864425767  Understand them or not - the Australians speak a unique English filled with Dundee accents, quirky phrases and fantastic vocabulary. Few are the dobbers, bludgers and two-pot screamers - the average Aussie (o-zee) is welcoming, hospitable and full of a sense of humour. Though you might just need this book to understand the jokes. 0864423128 Order a meal, catch an auto-rickshaw, chat with the locals, bargain for souvenirs - and do it all in Bengali! This phrasebook gives you easy-to-pronounce phonetic transcriptions as well as Bengali script with every phrase. 1740590481 Test your bargaining skills at the many colourful markets or try your hand at karaoke Burmese-style. Get where youíre going as you tour on a trishaw or chat with the locals as you party at a pwe. 0864426453 This phrasebook will help you get into, and out of, most conceivable situations while meeting people along the way. Whether gauging the changes in Hong Kong or trekking through southern China, dare to go to beyond the nod and smile. 0864424191 This new phrasebook is your key to travelling the famed Silk Road, with essential words and phrases for getting around and getting to know the tools. From western Xinjiang to the Karakoram Highway you'll be able to haggle in the bazaars and order your favorite kebabs with ease. 1740590201 Seize the opportunity to communicate with the locals in this, the most widely understood and spoken native language in East Timor. Youíre ensured a unique cultural experience and guaranteed an enthusiastic response. 0864425813 From mystics to musems, barbers to bazaars, and art to archaeology, jump into the event with this phrasebook.

0864422199 Whether you are cruising through the outer islands, dining out in a waterfront restaurant in Suva or hiking along inland trails - a little Fijian will open up this tropical wonderland. 0864425287 An ancient language, Hebrew is the lingua franca of this most cosmopolitan of countries. Whether on a working holiday or on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, this book is an essential companion into the fascinating life of Israel. 0864426356 Trekking in the hills of South-East Asia - whether Vietnam or China, Laos through to Thailand, and beyond - will never be a complete experience if you can't meet and communicate with the locals, and they with you. 0864424256 Filled to the brim with phrases on everything from hiking to shopping and eating out, this essential phrasebook will make your trip to India and Pakistan much more enjoyable. 0864426518 From the balmy nights of Bali to the monkey jungles of Sulawesi, you'll know your kepala, 'head', from your kelapa, 'coconut' with this book. Learn what to say on a wild night of dangdut - and when you're in a hurry to leave, know you'll need to catch a bajaj, not a becak. Selamat jalan!, 'Happy travels!' 086442616X Confused? You needn't be, and nor will she, if you only learn to say a few greetings in Japanese. And maybe a word or two to get you around town. 1740591666 With this phrasebook, you can chat with your hosts in the minbak, let your hair down and sing along in a noraebang, or enjoy the stories of friendly farmers and mysterious monks as they guide you around.

1740591682 From the vital flow of the Mekong to the fertile Bolaven Plateau, words will be the life of your travels in Laos as you make those conversational connections. In the musical voice of this tonal language, youíll forever be singing the praises of Laos and its people. 1740591755 Flat on you back on the hotel bed, you ponder the arrow on the ceiling. Does it point past the minarets to the babbling pasar malam, fragrant with fruit and loud with language? Will it lead you to the shadowy artists of wayang kulit, or to your guide through underwater paradise? Does it prophesise a meeting with orang-utans in the unrivalled jungle beauty of Borneo? 0864426526 Mandarin is the official language of China, Taiwan and Singapore and one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. 086442308X This is the only Mongolian language guide available, with an extensive vocabulary, plenty of essential words and phrases, notes on pronunciation, culture and, for the more adventurous, grammar. 1740591925 All you need is Nepali! In the busy Durbur Square, make a connection with some well-chosen words. Get the low-down on the highlands from your porter as you trek through the mountains. Donít just stand there, say something Ė take control of your Nepal experience. 0864425872 The best available guide to the pidgins and creoles of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, north Australia and Torres Strait. These fascinating languages have developed from English, so you'll recognize plenty of words, but their grammar, sentence structure and extensive vocabularies mean that you'll find this phrasebook invaluable in understanding the language around you. 0864424329 When you're taking in the sights and smells of a local festival, hopping across the thousands of islands, telling the faith healer where it hurts, navigating your way around in a wildly-coloured jeepney or simply ordering a meal in one of Manila's finer restaurants - you'll get it right with the help of this new and comprehensive phrasebook.

086442597X Make the most of your travel tin Sri Lanka: speak Sinhala! If you're after a ticket for the cricket, the best way to the beach or a taste of Ayurveda treatment, this is the book for you. Seek out the striking Sigiriya frescoes or kick on with the kolam dancers at Ambalangoda. 0864425953 Full of cultural tips and hints on local protocol, the South Pacific phrasebook will help guide you through situations ranging from visiting a New Zealand marae or enjoying Tonga's Heilala celebrations, to joining in a Saomoan kava ceremony or checking out a Hawaiian hula competition. 0864424353 Essential words and phrases in Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Malay & Indonesian, Pilipino, Thai and Vietnamese. 0864426585 If you want to avoid the beaten path while staying on top of things you'll need to be able to say more than 'yes', 'no' and 'how much?'. This book will help you talk your way to where you want to go while filling you in on those points in between. 1740592336 This pocket companion is full of phrases to help you out in any situation ó not just discovering Buddhist temples. You'll be talking your way around Tibet in no time. 0864426615 The most enjoyable and rewarding way to get to know a place is by meeting the local people. Vietnamese is a vibrant language and even a little knowledge will help visitors gain an understanding of Vietnamese culture as well as make many friends along the way!

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