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This page reviews phrase books relating to Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
Titles covering the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific are on a separate page.

1864503696  Converse with the locals in their own language as you explore the fascinating Baltic countries. Sample some Latvian pîragi, ride a trolliga around Talinn and know what to do when someone shouts Iđgeriam! or Iki dugno! In Lithuania. Packed with tips and cultural information, this handy phrasebook will help you make the most of your Baltic travel adventure. 1864502266 Enjoy a posavje in Slovenia, answer Prost! in a German bar or Okrzyki! in Poland, and remark milyen gyönyörű as you pass by the Danube in Hungary. You will be greeted with a warm Jak se mate? when you make an effort to speak Czech, and understand the cries of Pockaj! as you hike through Slovakia. This indispensable phrasebook will help you find your way through the heart of Europe. 1864501847 Live the cultural life in the Czech Republic – immerse yourself in a Dvorák symphony or chill out at a Prague jazz club. With the special section on architecture you’ll know your Gotika from you Rokoko. Or if that's not your scene, get out of town, stay in a chalupa and hike in the mountains or swim in a jezero. And in the evenings, chat soccer with the locals over a piva. Nazdravi! 1864502274 Watch a divadlo among the theatre literati of the Czech Republic, wander through an Albanian shesh, or splash out on a plaza at the seaside resorts of Croatia! Whether you're dipping into history, exploring the arts scene, or simply enjoying the set, the 11 languages in this phrasebook will help you tune into the local lore...and more... 186450224X One union, one currency - and an abundance of languages; Europe's intrigue lies in its variety. When you find yourself on a busy feast day in Chios, in a smoky Maltese kazin, or courtside at a Basque pelota match, don't let the moment escape - say something! Covers: Basque, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Turkish & Welsh 1864501529 Definitely not your everyday phrasebook, this little pocket dweller has everything for the traveller, and more. The only words you can forget about are faux pas. 1864501537 They told him they all speak English there - how wrong they were. If Harry had only known a few words, he could have cried for help from the depths of the maze. But it was not to be. Poor Harry. Though there are some who still believe he may find his way out...Don't be like poor Harry. Get out, and about, with this essential travel companion.

0864426836 The marinated octopus begs description. Opposite, beautiful Elektra smiles but offers nothing. John nods and waits for the next smile. And so it goes, nod, smile, nod, smile. Desperate to break the cycle, John searches for the scraps of Greek he remembers. Somehow though 'I have a pet cat.' hardly seems appropriate. As another love affair fades with the sunset, John silently laments his lack of foresight. 1864503173 I met you on a cobbled lane in Orvieto. I was keen to try the local wine, you wanted to show me the way. You smiled, I nodded, we shrugged and laughed. But we had no words to say to each other... or did we? 0864425880 Follow the travelling sun god Dazbóg as he rides across the sky on a diamond studded beer keg. Follow his lead; he starts the day as a newborn, touring architecturally rich miasta, rolling woodlands & mountain peaks eager to experience the possibilities of a new culture & language. He ends the day older and wiser, with the insights that come with learning a new language. You may need the kick of the famed ‘bison vodka’ zubrówka to help you along the way. With this book you’ll know how to ask for one! 0864425899 It's been said that the Portuguese language sounds like 1864501065 You're in Russia. Chances are you'll have to stand in line at least once. With this book in hand, this potentially dreary experience could become a social event. Talk politics, meet the love of your life or simply ask where the toilets are. It's really up to you but if you don't try, you'll never know what's possible. Take control of your travels and open your mouth. You know you want to. 1864502258 Order your sil or any other dish on the smörgasbord in Swedish, enjoy Danish hygge and chat with a couple of Norwegians while checking out their favourite fjord. Make the most Iceland's Bjórdagurinn celebrations, stop for a late night snack at a Finnish grilli and yell yourself horase at a traditional Faroese rowing competition. 1740594959 I would never have found this place, learned your name, shared a bottle of tequila - unless I'd opened this book.

0864427190  watched them as they argued, told stories and laughed. I wanted to join them, talk with them, be more than the usual tourist. But what could I say? I stared into my paella, feeling gagged and lonely. 'Maybe I could impress them with my eyebrow trick.. 0864424361 Ever wanted to try those Turkish baths? Better still, to chat with the locals as you while away the hours in the steam? If only you knew to say 'saatler olsun!' - 'May it last for hours!' - the common expression Turks exchange after the baths, you might cross the first hurdle to conversation. Try it, and many more, from this phrasebook, to take you into the culture, not just passing through it. 1740592379 Wherever you go in Ukraine, you’ll soon be mingling with the locals. Packed with phrases on everything from bargaining at rynok to hiking and eating out, this book will spice up your Ukrainian adventure. Order you borshch in the local language, navigate the bustling streets of cosmopolitan Kyiv or try your hand at ice fishing. Whether bathing in culture or the Black Sea, Ukraine will deliver! 1740591704 Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, particularly owing to the large number of people speaking Spanish in Latin America. The Latin American countries where Spanish is the predominant language are: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panana, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. 1864501057 In Costa Rica, it's impossible not to get caught up in the feeling of Pura Vida, 'pure life'. So whether selecting from the huge range of traditional dishes, dancing the merenge at a fiesta, or cheering a toro brava, 'fighting bull', this book will help you get into the swing. 1864503807  This fully revised edition is packed with words and phrases to help travellers get the most out of their visit. 1864503815  Legs aching and feeling ravenous from the trek, you wonder if you’ll be pitching your karpa for one more night. Suddenly the truck stops and it's clear that lawa and juka mati are on the cards. 'Anay tayta' you say gratefully with a full belly, and that’s when your dinner host offers you a bed for the night...You realize it’s true – a few Quechua words can work wonders!

0864425090  HABARI! The ever-present greeting you'll remember long after your trip. But travel in East Africa is so full of encounters, being able to interact in Swahili will turn your trip into the travel experience you're hoping for. Whether you're sailing on a dhow off Zanzibar, scaling the heights of Kilimanjaro or having a quiet drink with your host in Nairobi, this book will help you communicate the way you want to. 1864501839  Whether traversing the Nile or exploring Cairo’s labyrinthine alleyways, delve beneath the surface and discover the intriguing language and culture of Egypt. Confidently converse in Egyptian Arabic and ensure you don’t miss out on the friendliness and humour for which Egyptians are famous. Enhance your travels through this enticing country! 174059133X  Voices woven through staccato rhythms lead you to a narrow alley. Laughter flows from beneath a door. It opens to a kaleidoscope of sound and colour, led by an azmari singing a song of invitation. A waiter smiles as you glance in the book — you order a bira and some ocholoni. The day had started with a mountain top view of the Blue Nile and now the vibrant city nightlife takes you in… 0864425864  ssalamu'lekum is a greeting you'll hear from dawn to dusk and on into the night. 'Peace be upon you' - if only you could return the wish! And how about the farewell: lla yhennik - 'May God give you tranquility'. Must be one of the best ways to bid goodbye to someone about to travel further into the magic lands of Morocco. 1864501820  From Tinseltown's glitter to the charm of the South, decode the jargon and discover the culture of the USA. Compare Big Apple speed-speech with the laidback Texan drawl. Identify the multitude of regional and social dialects and influences on the language along the way. 0864424841  'Lighthearted and informative. Amusing...lively...and eminently accessible. A fascinating store of information.'
- JDA Widdowson, Director, The National Centre for English Cultural Tradition, The University of Sheffield

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