Cosmo, Steve and myself relaxing after a tough four hour shift


Cosmo's slippers seemed to attract all manner of Scandinavian girls to room 3

John, Mike and Ken, room 27

Heidi and Inka, if memory serves

we heard there was an eclipse, so pinched the hostel van, and scooted up to Mulholland Drive.

The less said about my day in Mexico, the better. After all, my Mum might be reading this!

Room 3's 'beergarden'. Note the life sized cutout of the Budweiser girl, that the boys 'borrowed' from the local convenience store

Most summer afternoons were spent by, or in, the pool

This poor girl, Liz, sampled the punch the night before, and fell over, breaking her nose ( the day before her return to England!)

The ranger caught us trying to sneak up to the Hollywood sign. This was as close as he would allow us to get

Hollywood Boulevard and Melrose Avenue became our backyard

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